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"An empty mind is a devil's workshop," says Renu Lalwani, founder of Alankrit, a haven of handmade bags!

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Standard Shipping

Alankrit ships all over India! Get your hands on the latest trends no matter where you live!

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Quality Assured

Our bags are handmade and stitched using the finest materials and threads. Pick Alankrit, experience true luxury.

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Quick Delivery

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After her elder son left for higher studies, with the younger one hanging between school and home, Renu found boredom striking her hard. But she didn’t let it get to her head. With the help of her brother’s wife, Kiran Kanjani, she jumped out with an idea to start a beautiful space for those who crush on products handmade with love.
Yes, you can see the highlighted KR in the brand name stands for Kiran and Renu.

What is Alankrit?

‘Decor’ as the literal meaning of the word states, Alankrit is a galaxy of all the decorative products to beautify your home or yourself with. Yes, Alankrit started with many more items like jewellery, artefacts, bags and mobile pouches initially.

“The market trend and business journey teaches you a lot.” She felt that the demand and love for handmade bags was on the rise and thus started focusing only on one product specializing in exclusive handcrafted bags! She is also fortunate to have her father, husband, brother and her two sons as strong support pillars for her. Since then, the journey continues with more enthusiasm, filled with an enormous amount of hard work which she claims to be “challenging yet gratifying .”

Happiness to everyone is different. Her happiness is being able to utilize her free time in some creative work and follow her dreams!

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    Explore trendy handbags that compliment your every style

  • 02 | Totes Collection

    Discover mart totes that are perfect for your everyday needs!

  • 03 | Sling Collection

    Bringing you slings that go across your shoulder and make room in your heart

  • 04 | Wallet Collection

    Get your hands on eye-catching wallets to complete your signature look